A grievance is defined as a violation of the LTA/LUSD collective bargaining agreement.  The grievance procedure, including the steps towards filing a grievance and timelines required when filing a grievance are outlined in Article VII of our current collective bargaining agreement.  If you believe you may have a grievance against the District regarding a violation of our collective bargaining agreement, we recommend you immediately contact your LTA site rep for assistance in addressing the alleged grievance at your work site.  Your LTA site rep is a valuable resource in helping achieve resolution at the worksite as quickly as possible.  If, however, you have been unable to resolve your issue informally at your worksite, or the timelines for filing a written grievance are about to expire, a written grievance should be submitted to the appropriate administrator on the attached grievance form.  While not required, we strongly suggest you seek assistance from the LTA President, LTA Grievance Committee, or your LTA Site Rep when filing a written grievance.  So that we can appropriately represent you and be apprised of your situation, please also be sure to provide the LTA President a copy of any grievance filed against the District.  Copies for the LTA President may be emailed to [email protected] or dropped off in person at the LTA Office at 11501 South Atlantic Avenue, Lynwood, CA 90262.
LTA_Grievance Form